So…about me:

I’m currently a college student studying Psychology, hoping one day I’ll become a librarian or do something with books and information. I’m currently in my third year, so only one and a half more years to go! (Fun fact: According to my credit hours, I’m actually a senior.) My heart leaps out to comics. Whether it’s in the newspaper, in books, online, or Manga/Manhua/Manhwa, I read it all. Currently, my favorite book series is Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and my favorite manga series is Platinum Garden.

Right now, I have two different homes in the south of the US: One apartment in my college’s city, and then my parent’s house in my hometown. I live with two cats, a dog, my parents, and a sister at home, but then with a roommate from another state at my apartment. Either way, I find books from both families. I constantly borrow books from my sister’s bookshelf and ask to borrow manga that I find lying around my roommate’s room. It’s fun to share the love of books and books themselves! ❤

If you have any book recommendations, please let me know. If you’d like to see a map of different books I’ve read around the world, click this link :3.



As I said, I tend to review books I find for free, either in the library or through Amazon. I tend to be picky about major grammatical errors if there are more than a few. Since I’m a minor in English, I do pick apart the themes and purposely look for how elements of the story connect.

I’m not currently accepting books to review. I don’t have time to read them and adequately review them. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The little pigs:

With each review, I’ve included a number of pigs based on the Goodreads system. One pig = It’s really bad/I didn’t like it. Five pigs = This is awesome/I really loved it. It’s an easy way for my blog readers to get a sense of how I liked the book. Each book also has a tag with a corresponding pig number, meaning a book with 5 pigs will be labelled 5 Freds (since Fred is the  pig mascot). This also allows readers to easily find books that I’ve rated highly or lowly. Happy review surfing :).


I’m attempting to catalog books based on a rating. I figured the ratings may be helpful for those of you who are parents who wish to have some control over what your kids read. Maybe you just want to know what’s in the book. Here’s a basic outline of the ratings (they kind of follow movie ratings):

G: A fun story. There may be love or a kiss.

PG: Usually these stories include more than a kiss or they’ll include fight/war scenes

PG13: These books include cursing, fighting, and subtle intercourse.

R: These stories include rape, murder, war, explicit themes, and other not-so-kosher things.

About the website:

After much debate and thinking, I’ve finally decided to call my website “Sty of Books,” inspired by what my dad told my sisters and I, “Your room is a pigsty!” Hence, I have used little pigs everywhere. The site mascot is named Fred and he is *drumroll please* a pig! I actually drew this piggy on paper and finished him up in GIMP. See his image below:

Twitter for Fred and this website: Here.

If you have a question, feel free to ask Fred at Formspring.

In general, I post book reviews on Mondays, though I may get behind due to school. Everything else will be posted on other days.

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