Delivered to My Kindle 11/6/12

I’m back again after a break from last week. It’s becoming hard to find interesting free ebooks. As always, DISCLAIMER: I don’t know how good these books actually are, all I know is that they sound interesting and they’re free


Call of the Herald by Brian Rathbone.

Description: Book One of The Dawning of Power trilogy. Echoes of the ancients’ power are distant memories, tattered and faded by the passage of eons, but that is about to change. A new dawn has arrived. Latent abilities, harbored in mankind’s deepest fibers, wait to be unleashed. Ancient evils awaken, and old fears ignite the fires of war.
The second book in the series, Inherited Danger, is also available today.



I know it isn’t much, but most of the free ebooks I found were books I already shared on previous DTMKs. Maybe I’ll have better luck next time.




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